Magic Letters App

It is an educational / entertainment app

Magic Letters is an Augmented Reality Edutainment App with the following features:

Learn to write letters

Teaches how to write the Arabic Alphabet through the mobile. User will move his finger within the boundaries of the Arabic letter and App will validate it whether it was properly written or not.

Learn the names of animals

Corresponding animal sound.

Learn the rules of the Arabic language

Learn the rules of the Arabic language .

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Interact with animals

Corresponding 3D animal with interactive capabilities to do various motions.

Feed the animals

Interactive animal feeding game where animals eat their favorite food.

Coloring Game

User can color images of the animals and see them in 3D with the exact colors they used in Augmented Reality.

How Magic Letters works

-Open the camera in the app

- Then point it towards the animal cards to make it appear in 3D

-Color the card, then open the camera

- Then point it towards the color cards to make it appear in 3D

- Spelling & voice for the corresponding animal in Arabic, English & French.

Download the Animal augmented reality markers

Learning Through Play!

App screenshots

Order the magic letters cards

Making your child genius throgh playing and learning

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